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Issue 2: Self Publishing

Kickstarter: Jump Starts Self Publishing

The people have taken control of the content they read. If you have a great idea and haven’t had a lot of luck with publishing houses, do it yourself with the help of your peers! Kickstarter is a crowd-funding website which allows people to post their projects and get donations to fund them. The common misconception is that publishing is some how fading into the background or becoming obsolete. This is not the case as evidenced by the amount of successfully funded publishing projects by ambitious creators. Kickstarter allows creators not only a chance to make their vision come to life, but also helps with identifying potential customers as well. Kickstarter is one of many crowdfunding sites, where self-publishers get the funds they need to be able to create! Examples of popular genre’s are children’s fiction, and fiction.

Kickstarter’s mission is to help creative idea’s come to life. Publishing may be in a state of turmoil but those with great idea’s and people who believe have the ability to change how things have been going in the industry this far.Now publishing can focus on niche markets versus the one size fits all or throw something until it sticks approach that has been adopted.

According to kickstarter these are the most popular projects of the week:

1. Dragon Scale will be a 7 x 10 inch full color book celebrating dragons via whimsical paintings and drawings! The book will feature a minimum of 101 dragons.  Some will be full two page spreads, others will be smaller dragons and appear several to a page.


2. The Quest for Rividia: Creating book two (The Quest for Rividia) of my fantasy-genre series of interactive role-playing game books with professional artwork!


3. Home Is Where You Park It: A photographic exploration of #vanlife by Foster Huntington.



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