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Expanding eBooks to Children: Advantages and Setbacks

With the growth and development of eBooks market in its beginning phases, its preliminary focus has been towards the teen and adult markets. The market for children has been limited at best. Most of the children titles that have been published in eBooks usually lack engagement with their audience. “EBooks have found their place with older and teen readers,” as Stacia Deutsch points out, “The time is right for younger readers to discover downloading and enjoying books on their Kindles, Nooks, computers and phones. Some already have begun to enjoy the immediacy of having a book in [their] hands seconds after choosing it, but the technology is new to so many children.”

The emergence of children’s literature could potentially help improve world literacy., a global non-profit organization, has distributed 662,008 eBooks to 4,300 children and teachers in Africa as of June 2013. In an area where it was difficult to get the books they needed now they can get as many as the want.

The challenge that publishers face with children is captivating their attention in entertainment saturated cultures. They must find ways to engage young audiences while competing with television, movies, video games, and the internet, among other distractions. Publishers need to use all the available features of eBooks (color displays, touch screens, etc) to engage young readers. This may prove a costly venture for publishers in an uncertain market, which is what holds the eBooks market back from young readers. A trend that may continue until this market proves profitable for publishers.



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