Nintendo Announces eReader Gaming System

The world of the e-Reader is literally everywhere! When you thought it had taken over cell phones, tablets, and laptops, think again. This past July, Nintendo announced that their popular gaming device the 3DS system would also make its way into the e-Reader world. The creators of Nintendo are exploring new markets and with the growing e-Book trend rapidly increasing, they have decided to take advantage of this. However, there have been several concerns that the 3DS’s small horizontal screen; which isn’t exactly ideal for reading. Also, other concerns are the challenges of competing against smart phones and tablet computers.  These days, almost everyone carries some sort of electronic device and the main concern is if someone would actually choose the 3DS gaming system over a smart phone. Considering that a smart phone has more battery life; it may be highly unlikely. However, Nintendo may find other ways to enhance the popularity of the Nintendo e-Reader by using certain effects that most tablets or smart phones may not have. For instance, it has been brought to their attention that adding 3D effects may draw more attention to the device. It is not for certain that the Nintendo 3DS e-Reader will be sold in the United States, it solely depends on the success of the product in Japan.





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3 responses to “Nintendo Announces eReader Gaming System

  1. vicslab

    Nintendo also is releasing in October the 2DS, basically a 3DS without the 3D and flat without the clamshell design. It’s meant for 5-7-year-olds, though.

  2. rlennis3

    I think that both the 2DS and the 3DS have screens that are to small. But I am interested in how they would work. Nintendo has the resources to create interactive text that would make children want to read. And on a devise that is designed for video games convincing children that they want to read instead will be a challenge.

  3. sholt129

    I am also interested in seeing how they would work since I have a hard time reading on my cell phone. I do not think that it would be completely impossible to sell, since I remember playing games such as Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh and a bunch of other on my DS that displayed text throughout the game. It did not cover the entire screen, but it was readable.

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