No more worries: This e-book reader is tough and flexible

What if someone threw your e-book reader out of a window and onto concrete? If you had the Wexler Flex One e-book reader, you can rest assured that your device is perfectly fine. With LG Flex technology, you no longer have to worry about broken screens. It’s flexible.

Here’s a short video of the device put through a beating:

This flexible screen technology will soon expand to other products, such as smartphones. Imagine flipping your phone out to reveal a tablet screen. Or imagine these screens used as wristbands or “smartwatches” so you no longer have to dig in your pocket or purse for your mobile device. Here’s a video of some possibilities from Samsung:

I see great potential for this technology, especially when marketed to children. A parent would hesitate to give an e-book reader to a child because they may break it, but this technology solves that major hurdle. With flexible screens, the digital book industry may expand its reach to younger children. It may take a while for this to become reality, however. The Wexler Flex One costs roughly $300, a price many parents are unwilling to pay.

For more information on the Wexler Flex One, visit its website here.



by | September 9, 2013 · 9:49 am

2 responses to “No more worries: This e-book reader is tough and flexible

  1. rlennis3

    Okay. That’s neat. I see real potential here. Like you point out this would be really great for children. It would really lower parents concern of children breaking it. I wonder if it’s waterproof or water resistant. Children are awful, they spill things all the time. If it could handle spills it would be excellent. But even for adults it would be a really great stress reliever to throw it and smash it against stuff. Like when you are reading and that one character does the exact opposite of what you want, this would be perfect. Or when you are reading a really long boring drawn out chapter in a text book, perfect. (That first video looks like me in Best Buy when I’m looking at things.)

  2. bridgetljackson

    Oh my! This absolutely blows my mind–that technology has come this far. It almost seems–impossible. If I were a parent, I would be jumping on the bandwagon (only if it were much, much cheaper). How awesome would it be to not worry that your child will break a $100+ electronic device? Very interesting–I would love to see this at a cheaper price.

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