Amazon Introduces Kindle MatchBook

Amazon announced their book bundling program Kindle MatchBook this week, to debut in October. Amazon customers who buy or have bought a hard copy version of certain books can get a low-cost Kindle version anywhere from $0.00-$2.99. Much the way the movie industry will sometimes bundle an electronic copy of a film along with the Blu-Ray disc, Amazon is allowing users more flexibility in how they consume their content: on a tablet, a Kindle, or in hard print.

While Amazon does not seem discriminate in terms of which hard copy book form warrants a low-cost e-version, other booksellers may want take note of the entertainment industry’s decision to bundle electronic content with the more-expensive Blu-Ray version of movies and consider bundling e-versions of books only with hardbacks.

Publishers and authors must actively enroll in the Kindle MatchBook program before books may be listed in bundled form, and at present HarperCollins and Amazon Publishing titles are slated to be offered through MatchBook .

For more on Kindle Matchbook, click below.

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3 responses to “Amazon Introduces Kindle MatchBook

  1. rlennis3

    As a consumer, I kind of like the idea of this program. Having the option to get it in both formats would be great in some regards. I would probably buy both, read the book and keep the eBook for the future if I want to read it again (and then sell the book). It would save a lot of space (and recoup some of the cost). Enrolling in the program would be my biggest concern. If it costed any more than $5-10 to enroll I wouldn’t even be interested.

    Considering my scheme, I can see why publishers don’t like the program already. But I don’t think they should be to worried, I don’t think it will be that successful. If it is it would be a sign that consumers are just as confused as publishers as to which format they prefer. Only time will tell.

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